Wednesday, August 30

Gone camping

The neglected blog

Who knew that summer would be so busy with travel? I mean, a few trips were planned but more travel took place than anticipated! And, this time next month I'll be staying with my mom for about a week! So, travel is still in the mix but it's going to be great.

This has resulted in one very neglected blog. I'm currently trying to get back into the swing of things but for some reason starting to post again has been difficult. I've started many entries only to delete them because they sounded so negative. Too negative. I'm trying to stop the flow of negativity and it's not easy!

With that being said I'm letting this post sit as it is and update again. Sometime soon. :)

Saturday, August 19

Yucko weekends

Well, what I mean is that the boys can have a really good week and then Saturday comes. And Josh has all day off. Both boys are moody and whiners and crying and YUCK! I just want a good day with all the family but that puts everyone in an awful mood. What the heck is going on??

Not that I'd wish this on anyone, but please tell me I'm not alone.

Friday, August 18

We are back...again...

and I feel like that's all I've been saying on here lately! But with no trips in sight perhaps I can get back down to business in here again.

While we were in KS Zander had the chance to be around kids more than he is when we are at home. This resulted in a few things. One being a change in behavior that we are working on and the other...he's talking more. He's still not where he "should be" but he is saying alot more! "Let's go!" "Are you ok?" "You're ok (he tells himself now)" Whatturyoudoin?" "All done" "Down" "Look!" "See!" "AKael" "No!" "Stop it!" "Stop that!" "Shooooooe" And the list goes on and on. Much of that is new, but some of it he said before he stopped talking at all.

MiKael still doesn't have any teeth.

We went camping last week and Zander got dirtier than dirty. Pictures will follow.

Friday, August 4

Traveling isn't over quite yet

Hum...long chain if events and lots of conversation later we have decided that I shall take a trip with the boys. We'll be leaving in a few hours to go visit my mom for up to a week, perhaps less. We'll just hafta wait and see.

I will blog when gone so more details will follow. :)

PS Josh brought me home a new *tiny* digital camera last night, easier to "haul" around than our big one so I really should be posting more pictures now of our adventures!

Thursday, August 3

Heat wave or fall weather?!

Anyone else have just crazy weather today?

Today has been the first day in over 2 weeks that I've not been outside with the boys. There were several times today that I went to break out the stroller and it was raining! So, no out of the house excurstions today.

I checked the weather on and off throughout the day and I never saw the temps rise about 74. Seventy-four?! That is not right for the beginning of August! I'm not complaining though, it has been a very nice break from the HOT weather.

Zander also took a very late nap, he's still in his room. I'm pretty sure he was almost asleep and a "thunderstorm" rolled through. So far he's not scared of storms but the heavy dounpours tend to make him a little unhinged. Sure enough, he got a little freaked out and I went in to sit with him until it let up. AND THEN he took his nap. :)

Today was nice and relaxing. Quiet. Stressfree. Just plain good.

Wednesday, August 2

July, the month of vacations?

Crazy, crazy crazy!

I think we were home for one week out of the entire month! The dates and days have gotten away from me. I think it was Thursday night we left Colorado with the destination of Las Vegas in mind. We drove all night and got there Friday evening, but not before we hit a deer.

Somewhere in Utah, just before Nevada. I grew up in the middle of KS and I've never hit a deer before, it was crazy! That being said I will elaborate so if you don't want the details, skip the rest of this paragraph. It was obvious that a semi had hit the deer first, but ONLY half of the deer. We hit the other half. I've seen lots of road kill, but nothing like this. The "splatter" mark started in the very center of the highway and went out in a "V" shape, across both lanes of the highway. Left shoulder to right shoulder. There were bits of flesh here and there all over the road. Not to mention the under side of my car. Gross!

We immediatly pulled over to insepct the damage to the vehicle. I was sure it wasn't going to be pretty but you really couldn't find anything out of sorts. Except for the smell. I was glad we took my wheels as opposed to Joshs. I drive an Explorer w/oversized tires. He drives a Blazer that sits more like a car than a truck. I'm not really sure if the difference in the 2 vehicles would have made a difference or not, but I don't want to find out! I'm happy we were able to walk away with no damage!

So, we spent the rest of Friday and part of Saturday in Las Vegas. While we were there we went to a few stores and to a mall. Believe it or not, we never went to a casino! We napped and just sort of hung out as a family. If we ever go to Vegas again we are going without the kids, or at least a babysitter.

Saturday afternoon we loaded up in the car and were on the road again. California ,here we come! The rest of our "vacation" was spent in the San Diego area. The reason I say "vacation" is becaus Josh was working during the day and we'd hang out as a family when he got back to the hotel. The boys and I went for walks and to the hotel pool, we had a blast! We went to the beach a few times when we were all together but I didn't feel comfortable taking the boys to the beach by myself. Call me a wuss, but I wasn't ready for that.

Josh went to Tijuana the following weekend to help out with an orphanage. I really don't know much about it, but it sounds like it was part of a rebuild or something. Aside from it being really hot there he enjoyed the work and wished he could have stayed longer to help out. While Josh was gone I stayed with some friends and went to church with them. It was a good weekend!

From San Diego we drove to Palm Desert so Josh could work on another network and again we stayed with friends. It was a nice time to kick back and unwind! The friends we were staying with have a pool and one time in the pool with Josh and Zander became a little daredevil! It was crazy. Crazy. Let's just say that at first Zander didn't like it when we dunked him and by the end of the trip he was dunking himself!

We left Palm Desert and drove and drove and drove. All the way back to Colorado.

Palm Desert was freaking HOT too. In fact, being in Palm Desert those few days has made this unusually hot summer seem more bearable. Since we've been back we've been outside to go for walks and/or to play. We all love it outside and I'm embarassed to say it but I don't think we would be spending this time outside if we had not been in Palm Desert.

On this trip I've realized a few things....

I kill too much time online, doing nothing.
I like to spend time outside with the boys.
Zander likes to play in the water. Alot.
I really do like flip-flops afterall.
I need (to continue) to get the right perspecitive and a better working schedule at home.
I like to drive.
The boys do great in the car.
I have a tan (after sunscreen, for the most part) for the first time in YEARS.
I love summer.

I know that there are more, but it's time to get offa here and enjoy the day!