Friday, July 14

A bit of an update on the house across the street

On Weds there were so many cars parked across the street, it was too crazy. I finally had enough and called the phone number that is listed on the big blue sign. A woman answered and I asked her when construction was to be complete on the "lovely" house. She said that they were hoping to have thigns wrapped up in another 3 weeks. 3 weeks! Yuck. The good part of the conversation? She said she'd put in some phone calls about the workers parking in more appropriate places. Since that phone call my drive way has been nice and clear. :)

And for those of you who asked about the house I have more information! I actually went to get a flier about it but they were all gone. So I looked it up on and here are my findings...

4 Beds, 5 Bath
4,419 Sq. Ft.

Master bedroom, Living room, Dining room, Family room, Kitchen, Den, Basement, Laundry room, Bathroom(s) on main floor, Basement level is 1756 sq. ft., 2 fireplaces, 2 car garage, Burglar alarm, Cook top, Dishwasher, Eat in kitchen, Five Piece Bath, Formal Dining, Great room, Walk in closets, Wet bar, Upstairs laundry, Finished basement, Family room in basement, Master bedroom upstairs, Deck, Mountain view (hahahaha!! not that great of one!) and the lot is 7810.

So, what's your verdict? Worth a million?

Wednesday, July 12

Poop, it's everywhere you want to be

Or so it seems today! LOL I forgot to mention in my previous post that first thing this morning MiKael had a HUGELY explosive diaper. It's one of those rare times that I wish I hadn't changed him on the couch.

Anyway. That was this morning.

A few minutes ago the lil booger woke up crying. Ok, so he started to cry in his sleep and then woke up. I figured he was getting hungry again so I proceeded to make him food. Well, as I'm feeding him some sweet po-tay-toes (boil em, mash em, stick em in a stew! :-P) he decides to make another poopy. A big poopy. Even bigger than his previous explosive from this morning. This one is bath worthy. After his initial clean up of course. I also had to change my clothes first cuz somehow he managaed to goo my shirt AND shorts...he even got the bouncy seat he was sitting in!

Oh yes...this morning his explosive diaper not only got the outfit he was wearing but also the outfit I was going to put him in. Now THAT took some tallent! LOL

Has someone reset my calendar to Monday?

Today has been the strangest day ever. Seriously. It all started about midnight too, but I'll got go there. Our story begins at 4am...

Yes, 4am Zander wakes up crying. He does this sometimes but will usually go back to sleep without any parental assistance. This morning was different. His cry was one telling us that something is the matter. His cry woke Josh up before it woke me up, fellow mommies out there know that when the daddio wakes up first that something is really WRONG!

Zander was crying at his door with Buddy in tow. Upon initial inspection all seems well, but Zander absolutely WILL NOT go back in his room. He's not overly impressed with anything in the living room and I can't figure out what the deal is so I motion him to come over and get a snuggle hug. Instead of curling up with me he grabs my hands and proceeds to sit down in the floor. Exactly how he does for every diaper change. Hum...I did a poo check and am met with a fresh surprise. I feel silly for not checking him first thing but his poops are usually of the toxic aroma and this surprise was non-aromatic.

After he's all cleaned up he's more than happy to run (and not slowly scamper off) to his room. He gets back in bed and promptly goes to sleep, the rest of the night was fairly uneventful. But, what the heck? He's not woken up in the middle of the night for a diaper change in about a year!

I had a bunch of errands to run today and for the most part the boys were so good! I expect to have a few minor issues here and there, they're kids afterall. No major freak outs or anything today. I was a bit disappointed at our first stop though. Being the geek that I am I just now thought to get a tank from OldNavy for the 4th of July and needless to say they are sold out (unless your a size small, if you are you have options!). I actually tried 2 OldNavy stores, both unsuccessful.

Before we went off to SAMS we had to make a stop back by the house since I forgot my card. I immediatly became annoyed with the entorage of cars parked all around my driveway. Evidentally they are STILL NOT DONW with the house across the street. I had finally hit my limit so I called the phone number that is on the sign and asked "how long will it be until construction is complete?". Ready for this? "We are hoping to have things wrapped up in 2-3 weeks." I'm thinking I'll be labeled as the "Neighborhood Whiner" because I told the lady on the phone about the parking situation. She became extremely appologetic and said she would take care of it. When I got home 2 hours later there were no cars parked on this side of the street!

Yet again (I'm almost embarassed to type this) we went through the TacoBell drive thru "real fast". I've never sat in a slower drive thru line! LOL Patience, I like to think I have it in check most of the time. But today as we approaced the window and had our food handed to us BOTH boys stared to fuss/cry. I had the dude my check card and he forks over the food, I peek in the bag to make sure we have everything. Crunchwrap supreme, 1 taco, and 2 cheesy bean and rice buritos. All is good. We go home and find something different. A chicken crunchwrap supreme and 2 spicy chicken buritos! LOL Soooooo not what I ordered!

Oh well, that's the way it goes sometiems, right? I'm trying to laugh it all off even if it may not sound like it!

And little bug is up and ready for some pureed veggies so I'm off! :)

Tuesday, July 11

Back from vacation

And what a crazy time it was! I'm talking good crazy, busy all the time type of a deal. I really thought I'd be on at least a LITTLE bit to blog, but that obviously didn't happen!

Kansas City was good! Josh and I (yeah, so mostly Josh!) helped some friends work on their house. After two very long days worth of working (and alot of Gatorade) the house and garage were sanded, primed and painted. Bushes were ripped out. Tree's trimmed or even taken out. Inside of the garage was painted. Etc, etc, etc. I didn't help as much as I wanted to, MiKaels growth spurt seemed to last through the weekend so I felt like I spent more time feeding him than anything else!

Then it was on to "home". Many things there have changed but at the same time have stayed the same. It's amazing how that seems to happen in small towns. The High School is "bigger and better". Wal-Mart currently has 14 registers but that will all change soon as they are building a SuperCenter right behind the existing store. (Can you ghetto-ify a hick town?) Braums and Dairy Queen. Dragging main. Burger Station. QuikTrip is gone, replaced by jump(lightning bolt)start. Shoulda stuck with QT my friends! The movie theater is now a coffee house (how Smallville is that?). Oh, and it's not the swimming pool anymore either, it's the aquatics center.

All in all it was a good vacation. Not as "restful" as I would have liked, but I'll survive! I do wish that we could have stayed longer. I also wish I would have rememberd to take some pictures, I fully intended on it. I'll hafta check up on Bonda and Hondo when I go back for the fair...the county fair...definetly worthy of a few pictures there!