Thursday, February 28

The bus

The bus that Zander takes to school has 3 older boys that usually ride in the back. Now, by older I mean like 3rd or 4th grade. One of the boys looks like he might be Indian, one of them is black, the other one is white. This morning I caught a segment of a conversation between them...

Indian boy to white boy: You got any brothers?
*White boy shakes his head*
Black boy: My brother's mom's in I ain't ever known my daddy.

On a completely different note, Zander was in a great mood this morning and literally RAN to get on the bus! It's been a while since he's been that excited to get on the bus. He's growing up so fast, how does this happen??

Thursday, February 21


Almost here!!

this past week in stores I've seen...

lawn chairs


easter dresses



bring it on

Wednesday, February 13

Sunny and 65! :)

We took advantage of the sunshine and all around nice day today. Tonight it's turning cold, overnight low of 29 with snow. Tomorrow the high is 29 and it's suppsota be snowy. Friday, you ask? They are saying it will be Sunny with a high of 37 and the next week after...all in the 40's! ya go!

Puzzle boy

Thursday, February 7


Is what I long for! Haha!!

Tomorrow I'm taking the boys to my brother/sil's house for the weekend. It's just going to be me and Josh. It's going to be great!

And now a few pictures from the past few (loud and crazy) days around here...

"I don't wanna share!!"

"I really don't wanna share!!"

"Neither do I...I'd rather horde the cars and trucks!"