Wednesday, January 30

More snow...


Delays in Posting

Zander has been sick. He was sick Sunday night and Monday morning and started to get better throughout the day Monday. He's still not back to his usual self, but he's getting there...slowly. He's really short tempered and at times he acts like he's not feeling so good. Other times he's running around acting happy, like nothing is wrong...but he still has that look to his eyes. Know what I mean? So, yeah...please pray for my boy, that he gets to feeling his usual self soon.

Friday, January 25

Dinner tonight

Zander scooted his chair over to me and he looks up and says....

"So, hows school today? Go school bus?"

Oh, and yeah, he doesn't go to school on Fridays!

Wednesday, January 23

Who woulda thought??

It's 5:28pm, do you know where your kids are?

Mine are asleep, taking late naps. About the time that I'd normally get them up for the afternoon, that's when they actually fell asleep.

Now I'm sitting here. I don't know what to do with myself....

Laundry: washed, folded and put away.
Dishes: washed and drying.
Dining room: swept, mopped and generally cleaned.
Living room: neat and swept.
Workout: done! :)

This never happens...I suppose I could read the book I've been wanting to get into.

And for anyone who cares, since the first of the year I've broken my weight loss plateau! I'm down right around 4 pounds. I know, it's not much but I'm excited!

Tuesday, January 22

Gripe of the day

Snow...everywhere. It's flipping cold. Blah.

We had a good Christmas, a great Christmas. But seriously, I've lost my holiday spirit. I think it passed with the first of the year. The snow can go away now. And really, what's up with the high of yesterday? Nine degrees? NINE?!


Bring on Spring!

Friday, January 18


So, this lil guy has really been watching and immitating his big brother lately. I seem to notice it most at the dinner table. If Zander takes a drink, MiKael will suddenly drop the food he has in his hand and grab his cup (all while looking out the corner of his eye at Zander) and start to take a drink.

He's also started to pick up on the ABC song and counting. Tonight at dinner it was..."One...Tooooo...EIGHT!"

I really need to take some pictures of the boys and get them on here. Hopefully that'll happen in the next few days. They really are getting big!

Night all, it's been a long couple of days!

Monday, January 14

I Confess

I have become phobic about something really stupid. I've become phobic about getting sick. Me getting sick, Josh getting sick, the boys getting sick. For some reason the thought of someone being sick really freaks me out.

I think it started somewhat when I was pregnant with Zander and all the hype about the flu shot. Blah, blah, blah. Enter Preemie #1 and I was worried about his underdeveloped lungs so I really didn't want him to get sick. We pretty much kept everything low key that winter. He was fine, didn't get anything worse than a cold. I got to a point where sick just happens and you deal with it, really not a big deal at all.

Then when I got preggers with MiKael there was the whole flu shot thing again. It was like if you got the flu it was sure you were going to die. Better get the shot! (For the record, I didn't.) Enter Preemie #2 and again I was worried about him getting sick. But this time his lungs were ok and didn't require him to be on oxygen after he was born. I was much more relaxed and not as worried about him getting sick.

And all the sudden it happened. MiKael got a cold when he was 2 months old. Fast forward a week and he was in the hospital for 3 days with RSV. I think this was the moment where I slowly started to become phobic about being sick.

Someone talks about being sick and my stomach drops. It's no good. I don't even like to look at the weather channel website cause they have banners of people laying in bed with thermometers hanging out of their mouths. I get to thinking things like "what if we get the flu?!" and I'm all paranoid about it. Blah. I get that thought in my head of "what if" and it just feeds on itself and gets worse and worse.

So, there ya go. That's my confession and I don't know what to do about it. I'm sick of it and I want it to go away, but how? Am I alone in this? Any suggestions on how I can stop the cycle would be appreciated.

By the way, if someone does get sick we deal with it and go on. It's not the end of the world if myself or one of the boys gets sick. It's just me way over thinking things that is the problem. How do I just let it go?

Wednesday, January 9


Sometimes taking responsibility for your actions (or your kids accidents) really "hurts".

I have a library book that accidentally got knocked in the bathroom sink. It got knocked in the sink while Zander was busy washing his hands. Yep, yep. The book got wet. Not totally soaked, but bad enough. I thought that when Zander brought it in to me (saying, "oh man" all disappointed like) that we would be paying for the book.

Tonight I went in to the library to pick up some books that I had placed on hold. I'm still reading the book that got wet, so I didn't return it. (Yay, it's still readable!) I asked them about damages to books so I'd know what I'd be facing when I take the book in. I wanted a heads up.

Holy Cow!

The two-hundred and twenty three page book that costs $12.99 originally will cost me...

Ready for this?

You sure?


I was shocked. I think she thought I was a nerd. I asked her if I could bring a replacement book in instead since the book only cost $13. As it turns out, they don't allow you to do that (anymore). She said that part of the reason that it's not allowed has something to do with a recirculation fee. You know, so they can label the book with the library info. Who would have thought that it cost $17.01 to recirculate a $12.99 book! :-P

Another, if you lose a library book they charge you the maximum fine and then life goes on. The max. fine is $5. Makes me wish I had actually lost the book instead of trashing it.

Anyone else hafta pay for a damaged library book? If much did it cost you?

Tuesday, January 8

Once again Zander brings a smile to my face

Let me just start out by saying that tonight has been a textbook rough night. Zander didn't nap at all and on those days the evenings just don't go quite like they should. He's moody and generally disagreeable. And he's also right there, in your face-intense. Tonight has been one of those nights.

It also never fails, if it's a night that Josh is working late. It will be one of "those nights". Guess who's working late tonight? But things are beginning to look up. Right now Zander has water in his mouth. He's gargling. He's multi-talented (or at least trying to be). He's gargling the alphabet. He kinda sounds like Fish from Chicken Little.

So, as we were sitting here at the table eating dinner I've been tense and not nice to be around. Zander has been under my skin for about an hour now. The more I try to deal with him and his stuff in a patient loving manner, the more he dishes out. I must admit that tonight (for a few minutes) I turned into a "yell-y mom". Not proud of that, but it's true. Slowly but surely I'm getting better about it. Hopefully one day soon that won't be one of the things I do.

Now, a while ago we started sitting down as a family to eat dinner. Sadly, this is not something we've always done but I'd say about a year ago we really made a huge effort to do that. We've also started to hold hands before we eat and pray. In Josh's absence tonight, I forgot to have us all hold hands and pray. If you'll remember I was sitting here at the table tense and ugly (in spirit) when Zander looks at me and says...are you ready for this?

He holds out his hand and says..."We pray momma, pray?"

I was floored! He's always paid attention when we pray, but he's never reminded us before and tonight he even joined in and said, "Amen!"

He's been in a great (and compliant!) mood since then. I'm also beginning to unwind. If I had been able to mellow before now I'm sure I wouldn't have a headache (but that's not the point, I need to stop the whine!).

All this to say, my oldest never fails to amaze me.

P.S. The younger boy is pretty snazzy too, but I'll tell you one of his stories another day.


right now this is what is coming out of Zander's mouth...

E, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, JKLMNOP, Q, R, S, T, U, B, ubbleu, X, yandz. Now we know ABC, next time won sing ME!