Wednesday, August 30

The neglected blog

Who knew that summer would be so busy with travel? I mean, a few trips were planned but more travel took place than anticipated! And, this time next month I'll be staying with my mom for about a week! So, travel is still in the mix but it's going to be great.

This has resulted in one very neglected blog. I'm currently trying to get back into the swing of things but for some reason starting to post again has been difficult. I've started many entries only to delete them because they sounded so negative. Too negative. I'm trying to stop the flow of negativity and it's not easy!

With that being said I'm letting this post sit as it is and update again. Sometime soon. :)


Anonymous Doris said...


when you are ready it will flow naturally!

August 30, 2006 5:15 PM  
Blogger Jillian said...

Hi Sweetheart!! Never blog because you feel like you "have" to. My best blogs are the ones that bubble up from an experience that was either too funny or too poignant not to write about, rather than the ones that I write because I "have" to.

I'll just keep checking in quietly. :)

September 05, 2006 4:37 AM  

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