Thursday, October 12


This morning Josh and I dropped his car off at the shop and on our way back home I glanced over at the van beside us. It was a Ford work van and the ad on the side said something about plumbing. But then, the driver noticed that I was looking at the van and got all strange. That's when I noticed that he was smoking...something smaller than a cigar or cigarette. Nice, eh? Josh kept saying..."he's gettin blazed on his way to work!"


Monday, October 9

For Amie

I found a photo album a few days ago and these pictures were there, I thought you might like to see em. They are pictures taken around "home" during our 1st year away at college. The first ones are of an ice storm that went through town and the others show just how colorful Kansas can be!

Sunday, October 8

The Forgetful Female

I keep coming here with things to blog and by the time I sit down I can't remember what it was.

Thursday, October 5

Life Insurance

I'm filling out the paperwork for it today. I don't feel old, but that makes me feel wierd! And the kicker...we are doing it now to "preserve my age".

How's that statement? Preserve your age.