Wednesday, July 11

It's July 11th?!

Please tell me where the time is going!! It's like it's being sucked away or something. The boys are getting bigger and's NUTS! Anyway...

Joshs little bro and sis are here visiting this week (Unk ET and "FeeFee"). I've yet to get pictures BAD GAIL. I want to get some taken soon so I can get them posted on here! We've been hanging out, generally having fun. Phoebe has been helping out a ton with the boys and so far has only requested payment in NutterButter! Haha! We'll see how long that one will last...I think by now we owe her a couple months worth of the snack.

So far we've all been to the zoo and Willy's Wings but in the works are the Children's Museum and Dave&Busters...camping next week...and perhaps even a few other surprises. **Insert evil laugh here**

Side note...I went to the doctor yesterday and have a sinus infection. I swear, I had no idea. I knew I had drainage that was making me a tad nauseated, but that was it. I was in it to get seasonal allergy meds (wus, wussie!). The doc I saw grew up in KS and was really cool about everything...based on what I've been "dealing with" this year as far as allergy related crap goes (and also how my allergies were in KS) she wants me to see an allergy guy. Blah, blah, blah...Hopefully soon things will be under control and I can fully enjoy summer! Yay!!