Sunday, April 30

Perfect Night


I'm on my way to bed as soon as I'm done writing this. Tonight has been the perfect night, one of those really special ones that will often leave a person speechelss. I sit here, trying to put my feelings into words and I'm not sure that I can. Not like I want to.

I'll just tell you what happened.

Tonight we ate dinner outside, grilled Salmon. It was so good! But, as we were eating Josh asked me if I wanted to come back outside once the boys went to bed. He'd build another fire and we could sit by it and have hot chocolate. So, that's what we did. :)

Zander and MiKael were really good tonight too. Z must have been really ready for bed cuz he just grabbed his GlowWorm and we didn't hear another peep outa him! MiKael even went down a few minutes early.

Hot chocolate and a fireside chat, the perfect combo.

It was really nice sitting out there, just the two of us. Sipping hot chocolate. Talking. Just being. It was quiet and there were no kids. For about an hour we sat out there, it was great. It has made me smile.

By the way, if you can't tell...I love my husband.

Friday, April 28

Ranting about things I don't understand

This morning I went out for a quick Target run. While out an about for all of 45 minutes I experienced the following...

"You must be busy!" said one woman in reference to me pusing a double stroller. I'm not sure if she was referring to the fact that I have two kids, they are both boys or the fact that they are less than 2 years apart. Her tone sure didn't say "you must be busy!". What her tone said was, "you must be stupid!" Having more than one kid, is it that uncommon?? I mean really!! I hear this comment EVERY time I go out. EVERY TIME! Sometimes more than once.


Don't jaywalk five feet from a crosswalk. I realize that the intersection is busy but COME ON, crosswalks are for pedestrians!


You want to go to the busy neighborhood resturant? Great! Feel free to do so. But if there are only 5 parking spaces in the front of the place and you can CLEARLY see that they are all full before you turn into the parking lot (this next part is key) DO NOT, I reapeat, DO NOT stop your truck blocking all lanes of traffic while you weigh your options.


Dare I mention this next one? Do take your kids grocery shopping with you, it's good for them. What is not good for them is to go on a LONG grocery trip. At lunchtime. On an empty belly. With an impatient parent.


This also gets under my skin. Seeing parents pick up a piece of fruit or a box of crackers or a juice box get the idea...and hand it to their child to eat WHILE SHOPPING. That's just rude and lazy. PACK A SNACK! If you can't manage to do that, leave the store immediatly and tend to the needs of your child. Grocery shop later.

I also don't understand how a 2 year old can get a booger the size of Texas rooted in his hair. Maybe someday Zander will be able to tell me, but for now I'm just the mommy who got to clean it up! :-P

Thursday, April 27

Zander and MiKael

Ok, so it's been a long time since I've put anything new up on here. Not for lack of things to say, things just got crazy. Ah well, enough with the excuses and on with the cuteness.

Right now I'm sitting in my living room watching my boys play together. Ok, ok! Truth be told, MiKael is sitting in his swing with the little tray thing on it. Zander is standing in front of MiKael and putting about 4 of his toy cars on the tray, it looks like he's showing MiKael what to do with them!

Now, the cute part is that MiKael is reaching for the bead toys that are permenantly attached to the tray. Zander thinks that MiKael is reaching for the cars and is laughing! :) I love watching the boys together in moments like this! Zander can ALWAYS make MiKael smile, which makes Zander smile and sometimes even laugh.

Have I mentioned that I love this?

I love these moments. I can't wait to see them grow up together!