Friday, August 18

We are back...again...

and I feel like that's all I've been saying on here lately! But with no trips in sight perhaps I can get back down to business in here again.

While we were in KS Zander had the chance to be around kids more than he is when we are at home. This resulted in a few things. One being a change in behavior that we are working on and the other...he's talking more. He's still not where he "should be" but he is saying alot more! "Let's go!" "Are you ok?" "You're ok (he tells himself now)" Whatturyoudoin?" "All done" "Down" "Look!" "See!" "AKael" "No!" "Stop it!" "Stop that!" "Shooooooe" And the list goes on and on. Much of that is new, but some of it he said before he stopped talking at all.

MiKael still doesn't have any teeth.

We went camping last week and Zander got dirtier than dirty. Pictures will follow.


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