Thursday, August 3

Heat wave or fall weather?!

Anyone else have just crazy weather today?

Today has been the first day in over 2 weeks that I've not been outside with the boys. There were several times today that I went to break out the stroller and it was raining! So, no out of the house excurstions today.

I checked the weather on and off throughout the day and I never saw the temps rise about 74. Seventy-four?! That is not right for the beginning of August! I'm not complaining though, it has been a very nice break from the HOT weather.

Zander also took a very late nap, he's still in his room. I'm pretty sure he was almost asleep and a "thunderstorm" rolled through. So far he's not scared of storms but the heavy dounpours tend to make him a little unhinged. Sure enough, he got a little freaked out and I went in to sit with him until it let up. AND THEN he took his nap. :)

Today was nice and relaxing. Quiet. Stressfree. Just plain good.


Blogger Jamie said...

Today is still HOT...but tomorrow the temperature is going to drop by about 10 degrees. I can't wait!

August 04, 2006 10:28 AM  

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