Thursday, August 23

Zander, the big boy

Today is/was the day that Zander went for his first day of Preschool! At first he didn't want to go to his class, but hit the playground instead. He kept saying..."kids...pway...diss way, I go!!" Poor little guy! :-P HIs teacher said it usually takes the kids a few weeks to get over the playground. After that, he was happy to be in the classroom. With the trucks. I can't wait to see how his first day is going, I pick him up in about half an hour. (The teacher sends home a notebook of some sort that serves as a behavior report for the day, we are encouraged to write in it if we have questions or anything.) Yay!

And, of course, there are the first day of school pics....

In case you can't tell he's pretty excited about his "pack-pack" :)

Wednesday, August 22

To the frumpy, grumpy woman at Target

I absolutely loved the look you gave me as I was leaving the store with my screaming/crying preschooler. I loved the look about as much as I loved the boy throwing his fit.

I might suggest that the next time you see a mother trying to deal with a similar situation at least pretend to be nice. It helps no one when you dish out those ever attractive "shut that kid up now" look. Not. One. Person. Even you.

If annoyed trying to keep it together mommy looks at you and gives you a half smile DO NOT contort your face into a deeper scowl of disapproval. Again, it doesn't help. Not even to make you feel better.


Good luck in the future with your perfect children.

Thursday, August 16

Zander camping

Camping 2006 (Aug)

Camping 2007 (July)

Another brother "comparison"

The first picture is Zander at 20 months, just after MiKael was born.

The second one is MiKael today, at 20 months.

Hey Ami, remember these thermals? :)

Tuesday, August 14

It's official, as of yesterday

Zander is enrolled in preschool, we still don't have the start date yet. His teacher is going to call us on Friday to let us know when exactly it will be. I'm excited for him! Most likely he won't start speech until the second week of school, from what I hear his the guy he'll see for speech is really good! I still find it hard to believe that he's gonna be going to school, even if it is just 2 days a week.

Friday, August 10

Preschool and other random stuff

I got a call this morning and found out just where Zander will be going to preschool, it's just around the corner. We drove by the school this afternoon and Zander got all excited at the playground equipment. I was hoping to get paperwork filled out so he'd be enrolled and such but enrollment for new students doesn't start until Monday, so I guess we'll be going back then. The only thing I'm "worried" about is the fact that the boys don't have social security numbers and I'm afraid that there will be some malfunction about that. I want to make sure I get in there asap so that can be worked out, if it is an issue.

A couple days ago we went to WalMart to try and find a backpack for Zander to use. They were all freaking huge. HUGE. Most of the ones we saw were bigger than the bags I used in college, no way were they right for Zander! (I had been earlier that week and hand seen some smaller bags, I was hoping to pick one up before they were gone. No luck.) Now, we never go to ToysRUs. They are too far away and generally have higher prices on their stuff that I'm not willing to pay but I was looking for something specific (a kids size folding table) that I couldn't find anywhere but there. I made the trek to pick up the table and I just so happened to walk past a wall of backpacks, all in Zanders size! I was even more excited to find a Disney Pixar Cars bag. He's not seen it yet because he'd have it worn out before school even starts!

Zander and I were looking at a Cars book yesterday and he opened the pages to a picture of Luigi and Guido in front of the tire store and Zander suddenly exclaimed, "Peeeeeet stop!" and turned the page.

We were in the car this morning, driving home from Sams. I had on a WeeSing CD for the boys and 'Jack and Jill' played through. The end of the rhyme says something to the effect of, 'get up and fetch that pail of water'. Just after it ended I could hear Zander from the backseat saying, "Get up. Get up and get that water!". <3

Thursday, August 9

Seeing the allergist

About a month ago I went to the doctor and found I had a sinus infection. After the doc gave me a prescription for an antibiotic and a decongestant she told me that she wanted me to see the allergist that worked in the offices across the street. She gave me his card and I called to set an appointment. I was actually kinda "excited" for the appointment, which was this morning, so we could work to get a handle on whatever was bothering me. They did 2 different tests and know what I'm allergic to?


No, I'm not a hypochondriac. He told me what's going on is Vasomotor Rhinitis. Basically my nose is overly active and overly sensitive to the environment. Vasomotor Rhinitis mimics allergies but medications that work for allergies don't work for this condition.

Nice, eh?

The plan of action is to avoid irritants and use a Sinus Rinse daily. As well as 2 shots of Astelin (no clue if I spelled that right) taken twice daily. The thought is to keep the nose from drying out, keep it from becoming inflamed and irritated. That's what's been causing the sinus infections. Oh...and olive oil. He told me to use olive oil if my nose gets too dry. He said that I'd think he was crazy, but at this point I'll try just about anything.

Tuesday, August 7

This just in with more details to follow

Zander will be going to preschool this year. Two days a week with speech therapy both days. It will be good for him...I'm excited for him! School is supposta start in 2 weeks but they think the paperwork and that stuffs might take just a touch longer. It's sorta hard to believe that he's "big enough" to go!