Monday, January 15

Word of the day

I know, I know. I'm not trying to be a "word of the day junkie" but the word for today seemed fitting! I'm sure that there are multiple people that can use this word, especially with all the winter stormage that is going on out there! So, here ya go...


\'je-led\ adj : extremely cold : icy

Members of the rescue team braved gelid conditions as they searched the mountain for the lost climber.

Sunday, January 14

Another couple of pics

These pics are from Christmas in Kansas.
Aunt Phobe is the best!! :) She got Zander to settle down and relax (he was sick). She's wonderful!

MiKael finally started to pull up while we were on this trip and he's been cruising around ever since! :)

Friday, January 12

Word for the day


noun : abnormal lack of ability to act or to make decisions

By about two in the afternoon, I feel as if abulia has set in and I just can't go on without another cup of coffee.

In my case it would be a nap instead of coffee. Anyone relate?

For the time being

I wanted to post something new today but the day got away from me. It's way past my bedtime and well...this is what you get for now!

Zander got these goggles in his easter basket last year. It was a tonka bucket "stuffed" with all sorts of toy tools, he loves to wear these things!

MiKael has had a thing lately where he's been falling asleep in his chair. A lot.