Wednesday, January 9


Sometimes taking responsibility for your actions (or your kids accidents) really "hurts".

I have a library book that accidentally got knocked in the bathroom sink. It got knocked in the sink while Zander was busy washing his hands. Yep, yep. The book got wet. Not totally soaked, but bad enough. I thought that when Zander brought it in to me (saying, "oh man" all disappointed like) that we would be paying for the book.

Tonight I went in to the library to pick up some books that I had placed on hold. I'm still reading the book that got wet, so I didn't return it. (Yay, it's still readable!) I asked them about damages to books so I'd know what I'd be facing when I take the book in. I wanted a heads up.

Holy Cow!

The two-hundred and twenty three page book that costs $12.99 originally will cost me...

Ready for this?

You sure?


I was shocked. I think she thought I was a nerd. I asked her if I could bring a replacement book in instead since the book only cost $13. As it turns out, they don't allow you to do that (anymore). She said that part of the reason that it's not allowed has something to do with a recirculation fee. You know, so they can label the book with the library info. Who would have thought that it cost $17.01 to recirculate a $12.99 book! :-P

Another, if you lose a library book they charge you the maximum fine and then life goes on. The max. fine is $5. Makes me wish I had actually lost the book instead of trashing it.

Anyone else hafta pay for a damaged library book? If much did it cost you?


Blogger cube said...

Honestly, I don't know where your library gets off charging you so much money.

Just recently, our puppy chewed up a corner of a library book. It was still totally readable, but I brought it in and told them I fully expected to pay for it. (I just wanted them to see that my dog really did chew it up.)

Anyway, they only charged me the price to replace the book which was exactly the same price that was on the book cover.

BTW there were no late fines because the book wasn't late.

January 17, 2008 8:51 AM  

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