Tuesday, January 8

Once again Zander brings a smile to my face

Let me just start out by saying that tonight has been a textbook rough night. Zander didn't nap at all and on those days the evenings just don't go quite like they should. He's moody and generally disagreeable. And he's also right there, in your face-intense. Tonight has been one of those nights.

It also never fails, if it's a night that Josh is working late. It will be one of "those nights". Guess who's working late tonight? But things are beginning to look up. Right now Zander has water in his mouth. He's gargling. He's multi-talented (or at least trying to be). He's gargling the alphabet. He kinda sounds like Fish from Chicken Little.

So, as we were sitting here at the table eating dinner I've been tense and not nice to be around. Zander has been under my skin for about an hour now. The more I try to deal with him and his stuff in a patient loving manner, the more he dishes out. I must admit that tonight (for a few minutes) I turned into a "yell-y mom". Not proud of that, but it's true. Slowly but surely I'm getting better about it. Hopefully one day soon that won't be one of the things I do.

Now, a while ago we started sitting down as a family to eat dinner. Sadly, this is not something we've always done but I'd say about a year ago we really made a huge effort to do that. We've also started to hold hands before we eat and pray. In Josh's absence tonight, I forgot to have us all hold hands and pray. If you'll remember I was sitting here at the table tense and ugly (in spirit) when Zander looks at me and says...are you ready for this?

He holds out his hand and says..."We pray momma, pray?"

I was floored! He's always paid attention when we pray, but he's never reminded us before and tonight he even joined in and said, "Amen!"

He's been in a great (and compliant!) mood since then. I'm also beginning to unwind. If I had been able to mellow before now I'm sure I wouldn't have a headache (but that's not the point, I need to stop the whine!).

All this to say, my oldest never fails to amaze me.

P.S. The younger boy is pretty snazzy too, but I'll tell you one of his stories another day.


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