Friday, August 10

Preschool and other random stuff

I got a call this morning and found out just where Zander will be going to preschool, it's just around the corner. We drove by the school this afternoon and Zander got all excited at the playground equipment. I was hoping to get paperwork filled out so he'd be enrolled and such but enrollment for new students doesn't start until Monday, so I guess we'll be going back then. The only thing I'm "worried" about is the fact that the boys don't have social security numbers and I'm afraid that there will be some malfunction about that. I want to make sure I get in there asap so that can be worked out, if it is an issue.

A couple days ago we went to WalMart to try and find a backpack for Zander to use. They were all freaking huge. HUGE. Most of the ones we saw were bigger than the bags I used in college, no way were they right for Zander! (I had been earlier that week and hand seen some smaller bags, I was hoping to pick one up before they were gone. No luck.) Now, we never go to ToysRUs. They are too far away and generally have higher prices on their stuff that I'm not willing to pay but I was looking for something specific (a kids size folding table) that I couldn't find anywhere but there. I made the trek to pick up the table and I just so happened to walk past a wall of backpacks, all in Zanders size! I was even more excited to find a Disney Pixar Cars bag. He's not seen it yet because he'd have it worn out before school even starts!

Zander and I were looking at a Cars book yesterday and he opened the pages to a picture of Luigi and Guido in front of the tire store and Zander suddenly exclaimed, "Peeeeeet stop!" and turned the page.

We were in the car this morning, driving home from Sams. I had on a WeeSing CD for the boys and 'Jack and Jill' played through. The end of the rhyme says something to the effect of, 'get up and fetch that pail of water'. Just after it ended I could hear Zander from the backseat saying, "Get up. Get up and get that water!". <3


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