Tuesday, March 8


On the way home from school today MiKael said...."Didja know that Mater is a ROCKSTAR?!"

Monday, February 21


Methinks it's time to get over here and edit some things.

And maybe, just MAYBE....

write something?

*silently wonders if anyone will even see this post...it's been a long time...*

Monday, March 9

Zander's track creations

Saturday, August 23

A glimpse into our future?

Hopefully not.

Yesterday (while taking Zander to school) MiKael tripped on the sidewalk. Roadrash on his ankle, also a bump and a bruise.

MiKael starts running a fever of 103.

Give MiKael Motrin.


MiKael wakes us up at 6am. Crying. (he's fine, just upset about something)

Fever is gone.

Zander wakes up cause of MiKael crying.

Zander slips in bathtub. Gets bruise on cheek.

Zander falls down and bangs his knee. Bruise and limp.

The boys nap.

Zander wakes up and tells us his tummy hurts.

Zander throws up.

MiKael eats cereal and swallows piece whole. It gets stuck. It hurts. MiKael throws up trying to make the cereal move.

MiKael gets cleaned up.

Josh looks in MiKaels mouth. He has a new tooth and another one **trying** to poke through.

MiKael throws fit. Mommy gets him a drink just like Zander has. Fit stops.

All is calm...for the moment.

Oh yeah, somewhere in there MiKael peed on the couch. And the futon. And in the toilet. And the potty chair....Last night Zander also biffed it, fell flat on is face. Face bounced.

Friday, July 11

Literal Thinker...Part 2...and 3

Lately it seems that we are being shown (on a daily basis!) how Zander thinks. For those of you who know of the show Word World, this one will amuse you. For those of you who don't know the show they have an episode on the website, it's one of our favorite shows.

I told Zander this morning that Jordan would be coming over to our house again today. Zander, of course, was all excited. He's asked me at least every five minutes since I told him, "Where's Jordan?" I'd was telling him that Jordan was in the car on his way here. I got a phone call while Zander was napping today, my brother and sister in law are having problems with their van (fuel filter or pump, niiiice).

Zander woke up from his nap and instantly wanted to take a bath (he wanted one before naptime, but he was stalling so I said no). This time I let him jump in, with is bath toys (plastic boats and foam letters). Sometime when he was in the tub he remebered that Jordan is on his way to our house and asked me again, "Where's Jordan?". I told Zander that their van broke and they had to fix it, but they were still on their way and would be here tonight. All the sudden he says, "Jordan is so disappointed." (or appointed if your Z.) Then he says, "Zander can fix the van!!" Then he starts grabbing letters out of the tub...I was confused. And then, it hit me...

"It's time to build a word! Let's build it! Let's build it now!"

Yep, he "built" a van.

I can't wait to tell my brother that he has a brand new van built entirely out of foam bath toys!


When it was time to get out of the tub I told Zander he had to pick up his toys. He started right in but then about halfway through he decided that he was done and told he could get out now! Haha! MiKael was still playing in the tub so I told Zander that he had to pick up five more letters and he could get out. He ever so sneakily looked around the tub, reached down and handed me...the number 5! Goober. I told him he still had to pick up four more letters. He quickly grabbed two random letters and tossed em in the storage thing, telling me that he was done now. This time I told him he had only put three letters away and that he had to get two more...again he looks around and reaches down and hands me two pieces. Can you guess where this is going? He gave me the numbers 1 and 2!!

Tuesday, July 1

Literal thinker

Yesterday Zander woke up from his nap saying that he had a hurt. Upon inspection his hurt came from the band on his too tight underwear. He had a red line/crease along both of his sides and it generally looked uncomfy! He also had on an uber baggy tshirt, so I let him just wear that around so his "hurt" would go away. After a while I realized that it was about time for the crew from WY to get here and Zander needed to put pants on. It went something like this...

"Zander, it's time for you go get some underwear on so your not half naked."

"I don't want to!"

It told him that Jordan (cousin) would be here in a little while and it would not be appropriate to be half naked and then told him..."Zander, it's time to get some underwear on and put your penis away."

"No Mommy! I don't want to put my penis away. I don't want to take my penis off, I want to leave it on!!"

He was so concerned that I was going to make him physically take it off that he was spazzing out a little bit!

Friday, June 27

A few pictures from today

Ok, these pictures are from today. They are out of order, but I think you can handle it. I don't exactly feel like fixing it at the moment, I have a bit of a headache. Anyway this morning we went to play at the park, then after naptime I took the boys to McDucks to the playplace. They had a lot of fun at both places and they are thoroughly worn out tonight! :)