Saturday, August 23

A glimpse into our future?

Hopefully not.

Yesterday (while taking Zander to school) MiKael tripped on the sidewalk. Roadrash on his ankle, also a bump and a bruise.

MiKael starts running a fever of 103.

Give MiKael Motrin.


MiKael wakes us up at 6am. Crying. (he's fine, just upset about something)

Fever is gone.

Zander wakes up cause of MiKael crying.

Zander slips in bathtub. Gets bruise on cheek.

Zander falls down and bangs his knee. Bruise and limp.

The boys nap.

Zander wakes up and tells us his tummy hurts.

Zander throws up.

MiKael eats cereal and swallows piece whole. It gets stuck. It hurts. MiKael throws up trying to make the cereal move.

MiKael gets cleaned up.

Josh looks in MiKaels mouth. He has a new tooth and another one **trying** to poke through.

MiKael throws fit. Mommy gets him a drink just like Zander has. Fit stops.

All is calm...for the moment.

Oh yeah, somewhere in there MiKael peed on the couch. And the futon. And in the toilet. And the potty chair....Last night Zander also biffed it, fell flat on is face. Face bounced.


Blogger nora p said...

Yikes, having a rough couple of days huh! I hope tomorrow is an accident, sick, and stress-free day! How's school going for Zander?

August 23, 2008 8:06 PM  
Blogger Karly said...

Don't ya love days like that? Everything goes wrong all at once!

August 30, 2008 9:26 AM  

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