Thursday, June 5

Orthopedic Surgeon

Well, I saw him on Monday to go over the test results from the Neurologist. What fun. Again I was told that everything looks good and normal. OS told me that he still thinks I have carpel tunnel, I'm just one of the 3-5% that have "normal" readings on the nerve tests. OS also thinks that what I'm dealing with is mild so for now, unless/until things get worse...we're just trying to manage it. (The other day I was folding/hanging laundry and I went tingly/numb from my fingertips to my elbows, blah.)

As for the loss of strength in my hands, he told me to get a stress ball and some marbles (putty too!) and exercise the muscles.Follow up in 3 months. If the pain/fatigue/numbness gets worse then we'll see about some steroid shot. No surgery for now, it's not bad enough. Oh yeah, wear wrist splints at night so I don't tweak em funny in my sleep.

So, I suppose it's good and bad news. I'm still frustrated. I have an answer but not a definite plan of action, long term wise. No magic fix. There are things that I struggle doing on a daily basis and things I just don't do because I don't feel I can do them and be safe. (Taking things out of the oven that weigh more than a frozen pizza, use a pizza cutter, peel fruit, work with textures, some sets of weight lifting-no matter how light the weight is, vacuuming, etc, etc, etc...)

I was left with the question, if it isn't bad enough to do something about...what is?



Blogger Doris J said...

aww that sucks! I'm sorry that nothing stood out!

June 05, 2008 2:00 PM  

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