Monday, June 23


Ever think you log online to do something only to realize later that you did not? And it's happened for a long time? Yeaaaaah. I just did that.

Blogging things in your head is not very productive unless you actually get your butt to a computer and blog about whatever. It's been a (good) kind of crazy around here. Spending time with the boys, having fun this summer. I guess I've thought about blogging some, just didn't get there cause I was busy doing summer things. Without a camera *cringe* I have got to start taking more pictures again or I'll be kicking myself later!

The boys are getting big and doing great. MiKael is talking more and more, getting frustrated at times cause we should understand him! LOL Some words are clear and some words...he thinks are clear. And they are words, cause he'll say the same thing looking in the same direction every time. He has a really soft voice though and won't seem to speak up, so for now we just try our best. He's on a huge Bob the Builder kick right now and constantly wants to "figgit!".

Zander is all things numbers (or bumbers) and letters lately. He loves watching SuperWhy and WordWorld, both which do with letters in every show. These are 2 I don't mind letting him watch cause he really is absorbing and learning. He also loves Curious George. I'm trying to read more of the Curious George books to him than letting him watch though. Too much screen time isn't good for anyone! He loves the books and if I pause in (some of) the stories he'll fill in the words..."This is _____. He was a good little monkey and always ____ ______." (George, very curious) etc, etc, etc.

Me, you ask? I called the Orthopedic Surgeon's office last Friday after having a really bad hand/wrist day on Thursday. I nearly cried my wrists/hands hurt so bad while cutting up the boys fruit for lunch. It had been a painful day already, but that sorta sent me over the edge. I was still having pain issues on Friday (meds only seemed to dull the pain, not really help like they had in the past) and then when I gave the boys breakfast and lunch...I moved wrong and wound up dropping their food on the floor cuase my wrist caught/hurt. Such fun. Bagels smeared w/cream cheese and pizza face down, on my kitchen floor. That was really the last straw. I called the OS's office after pizza sauce and cheese had been cleaned from the floor and made an appointment to see him this morning (since they would not let me talk to him on the phone). I go in today and he gave me a steriod shot in my left hand. If I notice improvement in the next few days (which I already have) I'll go in on Thursday and he'll do the right hand too. So, hopefully I'll be good on the whole wrist/hand pan/tingle/numb thing for a good long while. If not, I'm not sure what I'll do but I'm happy and optomistic about it all right now! :)

And that's our update for now. I'll try to be back soon, but I make no promises. Zander is in all day preschool next year, I think it'll be good for him but it's making me want to spend lots of time with him over the summer. I'm working on getting a schedule/routine down in the mornings and if I can manage that I'm going to pencil in some blogging time while the boys watch SuperWhy or WorldWorld, depeding on the least that's the plan!


Blogger Jamie said...

Glad to hear you are having such a nice summer with the boys! Ida loves SuperWhy and Word World too. Like you, those are 2 shows I don't mind her watching.

I really hope that steroid shot keeps helping. I don't have awful pain, mine is a total numbness from my shoulder to my finger tips. Quite annoying. Some days my arm feels so heavy, I have trouble lifting it. Not good when one must carry around a 19 month old!

Had to laugh at your "blogging in your head" comment. Sometimes when something is going on here, Tom will look at me and say, "You are mentally blogging this already, aren't you?"


June 26, 2008 11:45 AM  

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