Friday, December 21

So Tired...

Josh started his two weeks vacation today, I'm so excited! We spent the first part of today finishing up some last minute shopping for stocking stuffers and groceries. It took the better part of the morning but I'm so glad we had the chance to go when the stores were not busy! I can't even imagine having to head out to any store in the next few days.

Upon unpacking the car and having lunch the boys took their naps. I should have taken advantage of that time to rest for a few, but I didn't! I was downstairs picking a few things up and getting some rooms organized. Family comes tomorrow! :)

I'm excited for everyone to get here. It's been a while since we've seen anyone and it's really awesome that they can come out for Christmas! We still have some cleaning and organizing to do tomorrow before they get here but they won't be here before dinnertime (and that's an early estimate!).

When the boys wake up in the morning we'll be heading downstairs to do Christmas as a family before Grandma Baba and Aunt P and Unk E arrive. I can't wait!!

Pictures to follow!


Blogger Jamie said...

How fun having all that company! I hope your tree hangs in there. I'm keeping mine on life support til New Year's, if I can!

Keep posting now that you are back. Bet you have lots of good Christmas tales to tell!

December 26, 2007 11:16 AM  

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