Wednesday, October 3

Today at Lunch

I was lazy today and snagged the boys happy meals from McD's. Zander was busy blowing bubbles in his soda (which he rarely has these days). He's eating his french fries but not his burger. Right now they have hot wheels happy meals, so cars are the boys. I unwrapped a car and this is what happened...

Zander: Car!
Me: Yes, the food bag has Hot Wheels on it.
Zander: !!!!!
Me: Look at this...opening car toy... When you eat 5 bites of your burger you can have the car.
Zander: frantically grabs burger and takes a huge bite
Me: yay, he's eating!
Zander: Car, please!
Me: You need to take 3 more bites.
Then you can have the car!
Zander: takes another big bite and gags
Me: I realize that I forgot to ask for 'no pickles'
Zander: Yuck, dats YUCK!
Me: Let me get those yucky pickles off the burger for you.
Zander: promptly takes another big bite

MiKael and Zander got their cars when they were done with lunch. They spent the rest of the time before taking naps trading them back and forth....and eating more burger...and wiping "kaputch" (ketchup) on his shirt.


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