Thursday, October 18

Memorable Moments From Today

Putting Zander on the bus this morning for school. I turned around to wave at him and he was picking his nose.

When the pre-naptime diaper change was taken care of MiKael stood up, looked at Zander and said, "byebye Zannnnnnnn!! byebye!" And ran in the direction of his room.

Zander sharing his snack with MiKael.

Zander has had a thing for trains lately and last week I found a Hard Hat Harry DVD on ebay about Trains and Helicopters. He asked to watch it today after his nap and I said yes. (He's been asking for days and I've said no.) When I said yes he got this goofy happy grin on his face. The funny part was when he realized he was smiling like that...he tried to hide the smile but it didn't work and he started laughing. :)

Hugs and kisses.




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