Monday, September 17

Crazy crazy crazy

Time is going by so fast it's been hard to get on here and post lately. Last week Josh was in Cali for work so it was just me and the boys. Just me and the boys...well, it was a wierd week. I had a migrane Monday afternoon/eveningish that kicked my butt for the rest of the week. Needless to say, last week was up there on the crazy scale!

Zander is doing...I can't even put it into words! He's been talking more and more...more clearly even. A few weeks ago we got a couple of guinea pigs and he loves them...he can say "guinea pigs" perfectly :) The other night I was putting MiKael to bed and Zander said "Goodnight MAHKewe, Iyoyou!! See ya in the mern!" That translates into 'goodnight mikael, i love you...see ya in the mornin!' There's been alot more that he's said reciently but I'll leave it at that. I know I've said it before, but it really is exciting to see.

Zander has been jumping on the couch for a while. He'll wait until I'm working on the dishes or something of that nature and then he'll strip off the cushions and jump jump jump! Not to mention that he'd jump on his bed...bounce bounce bounce! Well, needless to say, I'd had enough. I checked out mini-trampolines on amazon and found one that does not use springs and had free shipping. I ordered it. Without. Thinking. Twice. It came in the mail today and Zander loves it! He's started to jump on the furnature only once, we redirected him to the trampoline and that's been it! :) No more jumping where he shouldn't. I should also mention that jumping is one of his sensory outlets. As is water. I'd much rather have him jump jump jump than clog the sink in the bathroom....again. I'll try to get some pictures tomorrow and get them posted. :)

MiKael is also talking more. He's picking up words here and there. Some he uses regularly and some he simply reapeats what you say. (We never ask him to "say apple" or "say ___" so when he repeats words it's all his doing, without prompting. Last night he ran into Zanders room and said..."Hey Ander!!" :)

They are both getting so big!!!


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