Tuesday, June 26

Summer observations from this Colorado mommy

Ok, so it's been a while since I've been on here to post anything new. My first "instinct" is to tell you that I'm sorry about that...but well...I'm not sorry. I've been taking the time to enjoy my boys and (for the most part) it's been awesome!

Although today it's cool enough to wear jeans, overall it's finally gotten warm enough (and then some!) to wear shorts. I was beginning to question if this day would come or not. It's been an unusually cool year over here. At least compared to the last few summers.

So, in my absence from blogging I've noticed some things. Some silly and some not so...here ya go!

Zander is a big goof. The more you can let go and be silly with him, the more receptive he actually is. The more silly mommy can be, the more Zander talks! Letting go and being silly like that has been hard for me, silly was easier when I was younger. Before kids. I guess I'm afraid of looking silly to other "grown-ups" but I could not tell you why. Silly is (mostly) good. Silly is fun.

The flying-stinging-things that I'm so "afraid" of are much more interesting when they are stuck in the flying-stinging thing trap that we have hanging in the backyard. I guess there is something about knowing that they can't get me that makes me want to look at them. Even if they are creepy. And pissed.

MiKael is a Mommas boy. He loves to stop whatever he's doing just to get a hug and a kiss, and then jump right back into whatever was keeping him busy. On the other hand, if you want to give him a hug or a kiss he just might run away!

On the other side of the fence in the backyard there is a tree. This tree has some sort of berries on it's branches. I can only get close enough to see that they are there and that they are red.

Boys love being dirty. Sand, mud, dirt, water...all of the above.It matters not, it just makes play fun. Especially when you can dump it on your little brothers head. And little brother laughs and laughs.

Playing in the backyard in just your underwear (the 3 year old) makes playtime for enjoyable. You get dirtier and goopier that way. That means you take a bath when you go inside, which is always great fun. Bath time almost trumps playing in the mud.

On some days, TV is not such a bad thing. In some cases it can be just what a frazzled mommy needs for a few minutes peace. Time to stop and just be. Time to recharge and go at it again. And, in our case, it's helped Zander with his speech some.

Babies like to wear buckets on their heads. Even if it means they run into things and fall down. It's fun, skinned knees and all.

It's great fun loading the back of the dump truck up with rocks...until the truck gets too heavy to push! HAHAHAHA!!

Sometimes climbing up the slide reaps a greater reward than sliding back down. Especially when it scares the crap outa Mommy.

Kids love music and singing, even if Mommy isn't capable of carrying a tune.

18 month old boys are strong. They are also capable of pulling Houdini-like stunts.

Kids hear and repeat things. Things like, "OHHHH kkkWAP!" But then they also repeat things like, "it's ok, bug" "you're ok" and "yie yuuv yooooo-uh".


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