Monday, April 16

This and That

It's been a long time and I don't even now where to begin! I guess I'll go for a quick update that might just turn out to be long. After that I'll just shoot for some normal, regular posting on here!

Both of the boys are getting so big and grown up, I really can't believe it. MiKael is still a runt (I mean that affectionately!) but might soon outgrow "runt" status. His last appointment he actually went up the percentile brackets, he's sitting right at 20 pounds and is just now fitting into 12 month pants (@ 16 months)...short sleeved 12 month shirts fit him alright, but if you try long sleeve shirts, the sleeves are too short! He's "long and lean". Walking yet? Nope, he cruises around everywhere and is fully capable of letting go and walking...he just won't! He's walked from point A to point B unassisted...more than once, but it seems that there is no hurry to make it a permanent thing!

Zander, Zander, Zander...where to begin with him...In October last year Zander went for a speech evaluation and was found to have a mild delay. It was suggested that I take a class offered by TheChildren'sHospital that would enable me to work with Zander at home. I think we're about halfway through the class now and we've already seen major improvements with his speech, it's all very exciting! There are 2 people teaching the class (they are speech therapists) and they recommended that I get Zander into preschool through the public schools since he just turned 3...Preschool would give him social interaction with kids his own age, something he's been seriously lacking. It would also allow him to have speech therapy services through the school on a weekly basis...the information is in the mail and I should receive it shortly. The story I just got from the lady on the phone though is that they usually don't take kids for Preschool til they are 4, so this should be interesting.

Within the last month or so Zander has taken an interest in all things "artsy". He loves to color and cut and write...he's started to scoff at coloring books, he'd rather have "pai-puuuuuur"...he can draw a circle of sorts and a triangle too. And music! WeeSing is brilliant...SillySongs...WeeSing's all very good stuff. There are a few songs he likes to sing along with and others he likes to laugh at, it's all very fun.

Now, me...I'm still working on my Fitness and Nutrition stuffs, I'm scheduled to be done with it by August. I've still got quite a bit of work to do in that area, but it's all coming together. Sometime in the near future...don't ask when, cuz I couldn't say...but sometime...I'll be going back to school to explore all of this more in depth. Gail the Nutritionist will take some getting used to but I'm really getting excited about it! :) I'm also planning on updating the look of this blog...and fixing links....and and and... stay tuned for that one! So, not a ton new with me...just trying to keep up with the boys and their never-ending supply of energy!

I must be getting along for now, I have some activities to plan for the boys while they are still napping...I'll get some pictures posted soon, I promise! :)


Blogger Jillian said...

Hey girl, I just want to say that I'm glad you're blogging again.

And I love the pictures of your GROWING TOO QUICKLY boys!!!

Does Zander look like his daddy or what?!

April 18, 2007 3:15 PM  

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