Monday, April 16

Special moments with Zander

The past few weeks I've been doing something new with nap time since both boys seemed to play instead of nap. Zander and MiKael have been sharing a room for a few months and naps have been sporadic since they began to share that space. It didn't take long for me to decide that something must just took me a while to figure out what to do (and do it!).

I have separated the boys for their naps!

Something amazing has happened. They are both napping again and it's wonderful! MiKael sleeps downstairs in the pack n play and Zander naps in his bed. It's been so nice having naps reinstated and working! MiKael goes down without a fuss, seriously...I lay him down and leave the room and a few minutes later he's asleep.

Now, here is where the special moments have come in with Zander. When he starts to get sleepy he gets SO wound up. He'll go and go and go and go....and go. It's insane. A couple of weeks ago we switched Zander from his toddler bed to a full size bed. That's when it all started. :) I've been going in with him at nap time and we'll read a book...or just be goofy for a few minutes. I love it! Then all the sudden I'll be "soooo sleepy" that I'll (pretend, obviously) fall asleep. I grab the blanket and cover up and snuggle up to the thing I know Zander is also under the blanket and asleep! Most of the time I get to watch him fall asleep and it's so sweet, I absolutely love it!

I know, I know...shame on Mommy for the bad habit of getting the boy to fall asleep just cuz I'm there. But's just nap time. He falls asleep on his own at night, requiring no "special attention". If we were having a problem at night, then I'd be worried and stop. But for now...I'm enjoying this!


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