Saturday, April 28

Potty news

Zander is in training pants all the time now, except for bedtime. Overnight we put him in a pull up and he's usually soaked by morning. The first thing he wants to do when he wakes up is "go poddddy"...his request, we don't tell or remind him to!

This last week he's woken up from his naps totally dry, but again requested to potty right after waking. Oh yeah, he's still in his training pants for naptime so that's been a major accomplishment. :)

The poops, the poops...he's doing really good there too! At first Zander was afraid do to that business in the toilet. I know that some will debate the idea of bribes when it comes to this, but it worked for him. We started out with a new HotWheels car or truck in the bathroom (where he could see it) and when he asked for it we told him that he could have it when he pooped in the toilet. It took him 2 days to "earn" his first car. After a week he had earned a total of 4 cars, only having a poo accident in the mornings (when he'd wake up super early, before our alarms went off). Yesterday we had a major pooping breakthrough. There was no new HotWheels car waiting as a reward but Zander pooped in the toilet anyway! woohoo!! :) We gave him one final car for his "accomplishment" (lol) and he'll get no more cars. His final reward was a Lightning McQueen, Radiator Springs style. He's carried it with him everywhere.

The little boy is growing up fast!


Anonymous claire said...

Yay Zander! I hope he's been keeping up the good work. ;)

I am so ready for Ty to be potty trained; he's been showing a lot of signs of interest, but I want to wait until we're done moving before getting serious about it.

May 08, 2007 9:46 AM  

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