Tuesday, April 17

Day #2 of...

Zander pooping in the toilet!

I'm just a little bit excited about this one! We decided just over a week ago that it was time for Zander to stay in "big boy underwear" during waking hours. This means that he's only been wearing a Pull-Up for naps and bedtime. Until...he started holding poops in til naptime. When he started doing this he just got plastic pants over his training pants. He hasn't done it since!

He seems to have a pretty good handle on using the bathroom...as long as he's not too focused on play. If he's really focused on something he'll forget but we just clean him up and try again. I think we did a good job getting some motivatiors for him...if he pees in the toilet he gets a sticker (either Cars-the movie or construction trucks) and when he poops in the toilet he gets a brand new HotWheels car or truck.

Yesterday he "earned" a yellow car. Today he got a really neat looking orange truck. Tonight after the boys went to bed I put the next car in the bathroom for him to see. It's funny, as soon as we showed him the new car that he'd get for pooping in the toilet it only took a few days for him to figure it all out. The yellow car...he studdied that thing every time he was in the bathroom to potty and his excitement when we gave him the car was awesome. He has carried the yellow car with him everywhere since earning it. Even to bed.

If anyone out there wants to contribute to the "pooping cars" fund...I have a PayPal account! :-P


Blogger Jillian said...

Yay, Zander!!

So, when are you going to break it to him that he's not going to get presents for pooping the rest of his life? LOL


April 18, 2007 3:12 PM  

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