Wednesday, September 27

Ring 'n Run

Anyone ever do this?

Our doorbell rang tonight at dinnertime. Josh was rather perplexed when he went to the door and noone was there. There was no sign of anyone. Anywhere.

He came back in and promptly checked the back door. Noone was there either.

Needless to say he made sure the house was locked. After the events of last Wednesday and the car being stolen, well, we're both a little jumpy now. (I know alot of people have said that it was probalby some random punk that stole the car, but the ignition was punched out. That's not random in my books!)

Next step? I'm planning on making curtains for the front and back doors. I've only been meaning to do this since we moved in over six months ago. Way back when I didn't think Wal-Mart was so evil I got some denim $1/yard fabric and soon it will be curtains. :)


Anonymous Doris said...

how else do you think they still cars! bad people are always prepared!

Don't you watch cops?? ( oh thats right No you don't watch much tv LOL) drug addicts are always stealing cars! They caring the screw diver with them to punch the ignition. That dose not make it any less random!

Honeslty try not to work your self up over it!

THe curtians are a good idea away. Even with out all that has been going on!

September 28, 2006 12:53 PM  

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