Sunday, September 24

Feeling a bit violated and just a wee bit scared

I've never had anything substantial stolen before. To be honest, I still have not. That is not making me feel any better about this though. Let me explain...

One evening after Josh returned home from work, he promptly parked his car. It's still sitting in the driveway, waiting. Waiting for a new fuel pump. It could be waiting for a little while, but that's another story. He drove my car to work and back for 2 weeks.

On the 15th of this month Josh asked about a company car. See, they have a car that just sits at the office. It's used when the president of the company comes into town, or when the VP needs to use it. Ok, so basically when the car needs to be used, it is. Josh was given permission to use the car until he was able to get his car fixed, or someone else needed the car on a more urget matter.

The car, you ask?

A 2006 Chrystler Sebring, soft top convertable. Custom rims. CD changer. Yeah, you get the picture. It was a sweet looking car.

Josh drove it on the 15th, it sat in our driveway over the weekend. Then drove it to work and back on Monday. Tuesday Josh went into work a bit later than usual knowing that he had a late meeting at the office. After the meeting he went out to eat with some people from work and wound up getting home sometime around 10:30pm. I was already in bed asleep. When Josh came in we talked for a few minutes and he came to bed shortly thereafter. All was right with the world.

At some point during the night I heard a car start up directly in front of the house. I'm usually paranoid enough that I'll get up and investigate. This time I did not, I told myself to stop being so paranoid and to just go back to sleep. I didn't even look at the clock to check the time.

I should have looked out the window, it was less than 2 feet away. I should have looked at the time on the clock, but again, I did not.

Fast forward to 9am on the 20th.

Josh and I are getting the kids ready so I can take MiKael to his doctor appointment. When the boys were dressed Josh went to take his work stuff out to the Sebring. You've probably guessed by now, but it was gone. Not there. Vanished.

The police were called, report made. The officer that came said that he was not positive about the return of the car, usually they tell people to give it a couple of days. But this is a "hot car". He says that the people who stole it will likely drive it around for a long time for bragging rights. Or that the car had been stripped for parts and was junked out already.

By 5:30 Wednesday evening Josh had gotten a call from the police saying they had found the car. It had, in fact, been stripped. No wheels. No CD changer. Nothing of value was left at all. Banged and scratched up, but they found it.

After I heard that they found the car I sort of breathed a sigh of relief. But then, I started to think about it all. Processing. Josh had only been driving the car for five days. That means...someone was watching our house (watching my house!) or someone followed Josh home (followed him home?!). I suppose it could have been random, but what are the odds? The thought that someone followed him home that night...the thought that someone was watching my house, the place where my kids's just a bit un-nerving.

By the way, MiKaels appointment? He's still a runt! He weighs in at 16lbs 4oz and something like 26 and a quarter inches long. That puts him in the 4th and 10th percentile! All except his head, which is the 70th percentile...yikes.


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