Tuesday, June 6

Grocery delivery and Customer service

I would say that for about 6 weeks now we've been ordering our groceries online and having them delivered the next day. It has all gone perfectly, until yesterdays delivery.

You see, when you order you can select to have substitutions made if they are out of stock with the item that you have selected. Every time I have ordered I have selected 'no substutions'. I've been afraid I'll get white bread and normal pasta instead of the whole wheat variety. You get the idea.

Well, as I was going through the order yesterday I noticed several things that had been subbed. When I got through the list and figured out where all the mistakes were I called the customer service line. I wasn't quite sure what to expect but the lady that I talked to was so nice! She took the time to go over the order that I made versus the order that was filled.

At first she was saying all they could do was have someone come by and pick up the items that had been subbed that shouldn't have been and then they would credit me. But after reviewing the order she gave me a credit for the difference between what I ordered and what I got!

So, if anyone is thinking about using a delivery service I highly reccoment King Soopers! (They're part of the Krogger chain) They are great!


Blogger Jamie said...

I've thought about doing this when the baby arrives this fall. We have Kroger's in our area, so does that mean this service is available here? Do you also pay a delivery fee? Foodshopping is one of my favorite things to do(am I a dork or what?)but I think this could be a huge help when things get CRAZY in November!

June 06, 2006 6:59 PM  
Blogger Gail said...

I've always liked grocery shopping...until I had to take both boys! Then the long shopping trip just seemed to drag on and take even longer! It was taking (all of us going) at least two hours to do a weeks worth of grocery shopping. That's just the time IN the store, that's not counting getting everyone ready! What was once enjoyable for me became a HUGE hassle! I know it'll get better when MiKael is a bit older, but for now...I'll order online, thank you! LOL

The delivery fee for King Soopers is 10.00. For me it's totally worth it, it takes me about 45 minutes (max!) to shop online!

I'm not sure if they'd have it in your area or not though. Most stores that offer it have it front and center on their website ;-)

June 06, 2006 9:00 PM  

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