Tuesday, May 16

Say please, ya whiner!

I've so stinkin felt like saying this to Zander these days! Reciently he's become fond of being a whiner. I can't stand it, really can't stand it. So, here I am telling you about a recent frustration and funny as well.

Yesterday I made a joke to a friend that this week is probably going to feel like toddler boot camp. I'm putting a stop to the whines! If Zander whines in any way he's being sent to his room. He knows the drill, he can come out when he's done being a whiner (or thowing a fit for that matter, but thus far we're just dealing with the big whine).

Now at meal times I usually just give Zander his food, alot of the times he'll say "please" as I'm walking over (pleeee) and "thank you" (gank you) when it's on his tray. Not last night. He refused to say anything. Not a problem. What was a problem was when it came time for dessert.

For dessert? Jellybeans.

We were all done eating so I grabbed the jellybeans and started to divide them up and pass em out. Suddenly I hear it. WHINE. You know what I mean, this screach that is worse than a dying cow. I look at Zander and his face is fully scrunched and he's making the noise, all the while extending his hand like he's grabbing for the sweet yummy.

This my friends, is not going to happen.

We tell Zander because of his whine, he can't have any jelly beans til he says "please". After hearing this he whines louder. Wrong response. We tell him a second time, whine continues. Wrong response. One last chance to say please. We tell him a third time (also tagging on that if he whines again he'll be going straight to bed). WHINE like that lovely dying cow.

Bedtime. And no jelly beans.

Which brings us to this morning. Breakfast time. I ask Zander if he's hungry and he happily jabbers something undistinguishable and runs for the kitchen. Normally he runs to his chair. Notice I said normally? This morning he ran straight for the countertop where I had the jelly beans last night. You can guess what happens next, right?

"Pleeee, pleeee, pleee!"

He's not only saying please, but he's also signing it! Do you think it's possible that he had dreams of dancing jelly beans? Dancing jelly beans that were telling him to "say please!"?? And if so, would that be just a dream, or a nightmare?

There were 3 jellybeans sitting on the counter still. I let him have them, one at a time. He said please for every single one of them. Voluntarily.


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