Tuesday, May 16

Date Night!!

Josh just asked me out for Friday night! Of course, we'll be taking the kids but they'll be asleep most of the time. We are gonna grab dinner and take it with us to the drive-in! I'm sure that MiKael will fall asleep and be out nearly the entire time we are there (Zander slept the whole time when he tagged along at MiKaels age, cross your fingers!).

This particular drive in has 2 screens, which play 3 movies back to back. You can go for 1 movie, or 2, or all 3 for the low price of $9/adult (just $2 for kids 6-12). It's gonna be great! We will see Over the Hedge (which Zander will stay up for, after that he gets to go to sleep!), RV and then (this one is for Josh) M I III. (I just might fall asleep somewhere during that one). It'll be a long night, but it'll be good!

I'm excited!


Blogger Doris said...

THey have closed almost all the drive in's in Oregon! there is one about an hour from us.

Have fun!

May 16, 2006 12:52 PM  

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