Wednesday, May 17

5 months and rice cereal

Tonight just breastfeeding ceased to be the exclusive diet by MiKael. After wanting to nurse every hour and a half all afternoon/evening he didn't want to go to bed. The boy was still hungry and I didn't have anything left to give him.

Now, we've given him cereal in the past thinking he was ready for it. There were days where he'd have cereal and days where he wouldn't. Then for the last little while he's not had any.

I'd like to say that I was armed and ready for this, but I was not. The "bad" thing is that Josh is working tonight. You know, it's one of those evenings where he was going in "for a couple of hours". That was 5 hours ago.

So, an hour after bedtime I got Zander out of bed. I loaded the boys up and went to the store to purchase a small box of rice cereal. I'm kicking myself a little bit about it. Ok, kicking myself alot over it. I've been meaning to make a batch of cereal up for the lil buger, all this week I've been meaning to.

I think I'll go ahead and make a batch of cereal up tomorrow and save the storebought stuff for "emergencies". The few times he's had cereal he's shown a major preference to the stuff I make anyway. This will be good. :)

Oh yes, MiKael turned 5 months today.


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