Tuesday, March 7

Well, here it is a few days later and things are going great!

The weekend took it's usual turn for being unpredictable which drives me crazy. It seems that I'm married to a guy who can't always make up his mind! (this is all supposta sound lighthearted, just for the record) For as long as I have known him he has not been a fan of making plans. If you don't have plans, you can't break them and noone gets upset. BUT, he is also very big on something has to be done otherwise it's a wasted day. So, needless to say sometimes things get interesting in this area. Like Saturday. We had planned on going to the zoo, but we got up late. Everything happened late that day as a result. By the time Zander (our 2yo) got up from his late nap we would have had 2 hours to get to the zoo and check out the animals. This shouldn't have been a problem considering that we live about 5 minutes from the zoo. But then the "normal" drive-me-crazy thing happened. We sat around. Turns out Josh was waiting on me (for what and why I'm not sure) and I was waiting on him!! Now, I know why I was waiting on him. He had his laptop out and had been checking work emails, trying to stay caught up over the weekend so he'd not hafta work late during the week. So, I figured once he was done we'd get up and leave for the zoo. Mabye in a normal world! :-P Ya see, what I didn't know is that he was done with the emailing thing and he was looking up things for his cell phone. By the time we got out the door we only would have had about a half our at the zoo, so we opted to go to a nearby park instead. Sunday we went to the zoo. Right after we went to church...right after we went to church ONLINE. **sigh** (this is a whole other post! LOL)

Uh, yeah, back to my point! I sat out on my "cardio" stuff on Saturday but then Sunday night Josh got the treadmill re-assembled in the basement. Sunday I went for a walk on the treadmill (which I've never used consistently) and I'm finding it so much harder to use (meaning it's more of a challenge to keep the same pace) than walking outside. But, I'm sticking with it! I used it yesterday and will be on it later this afternoon as well. Ya see, while I'd rather be oustside pushing the kids in the stroller a cold front is on it's way. Tomorrow we'll be getting snow, again. This last week has just been a teaser of wonderful spring weather! Oh well, long story short...I'm sticking with the treadmill for working out and then any walks outside can simply be enjoyed. I'd rather have a fun time with the boys than worry about how fast I'm NOT walking. I think I mentioned before that eventually my goal is to be walking a full hour every day but after that I'm hoping to actually start...dare I say it...jogging. I've never been a jogger/runner but I'm going to give it a shot. I'm told it's good for you but right now I beg to differ. :-P Yesterday I also did my pilates and a few other strength training excercises. I. AM. SORE. But I love it!! I feel like I'm actually taking baby steps toward my goal!!

And last, I took my blood pressure last night and was pleasantly surprised. It was 122/72. It's not been that low in MONTHS. Not since it shot up to 150something/115 at the end of my pregnancy. Yes, you read that right 150something/115. That blood pressure reading sent me straight to Labor and Delivery at the hospital for observation. Instant bed rest, for two hole days. MiKael decided it was time for him to make his appearance early!

I also hafta add that I love my husband! He is constantly supportive of what I am doing and it never fails to amaze me! In this journey of eating better and becoming more active, he's started to take part. For the first time EVER we're getting up and having breakfast in the morning and I'm packing his lunch. At first he said that he'd just take part in eating a healthy dinner with the family and not to worry bout him for breakfast and lunch. But that was also hard for grocery shopping. He thought it would be easier that way but it wasn't. We both got on the same page this weekend. I love those few minutes with him in the morning, they are precious to me! And as far as packing his lunch goes, I don't mind! For some strange reason it makes it easier. I actually feel like he is being more supportive than he already is (I dont' know if that makes sense to anyone but me, but I do feel loved).


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