Monday, March 13

Another Monday has come...

and almost gone! Remember time seemed to stand still some days back when you were a kid? What happened to that?!

This weekend was GREAT! Josh helped out so much with EVERYTHING it was amazing. He usually helps out alot but man, this weekend was so nice for me! The weather was cold so we pretty much stayed in the whole time, it was nice to hang out with all 3 of my boys at once. I think Josh checked email a few times but other than that, he didn't do work stuff at all. (Unless you count playing w/his Treo!! :-P)

Friday and Saturday night MiKael decided he was going to get up **literally** every two hours to eat! It was maddening!! It's times like that when I sometimes wonder just why I decided to breastfeed him but that thought usually goes away pretty fast. I must also add that MiKael slept thru the night on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday so him waking up that often on Friday and Saturday was almost like a slap in the face!! :-P Last night was better though, he only got up once so I am hoping that he'll go back to sleeping thru the night.

I mentioned that Josh helped out this weekend, right? We put MiKael in his swing sometime around 7am and we went back to bed. I totally crashed after that! Josh got up with Zander at about 9am Saturday and kept both boys out in the living room until I got up around 11!! I really appreciated the extra bit of sleep that Josh let me get after being up and down with the baby all night. Josh actually woke me up with breakfast, he cooked and it was yummy!! He cooked again Saturday night...and Sunday morning...and Sunday afternoon...and again last night! I didn't cook all weekend, I did do the clean-up in the kitchen but it was well worth it.

Yesterday afternoon I pulled a vanishing act during (downstairs, to the office) Zanders naptime and didn't resurface for hours. What was I doing, you ask? Filing bills. But before I could file everything I had to set-up the file cabinet. Before we moved we were trying to get a handle on organizing all that kind of stuff but it just hadn't happened yet. And all I have to say about it now is this. I. AM. DONE All is organized, now I just gotta stay on top of it.

Zander, the silly nearly-2-year old, got a GloWorm for his birthday last year. He's become rather attached to the thing. He takes it to bed with him every night, as well as for every nap. When he first got the GloWorm (who has since been named Buddy) he only snuggled up to him at sleeping times but here lately Buddy has gotten more use. Buddy now gets snuggle time when Zander first wakes up in the morning, before naptime when Zander starts to get sleepy and the same in the evenings before bedtime. (I'll post pictures in the morning.) I think this is the cutest thing ever! I remember how GloWorms looked as a kid and Buddy has this same clasic look. Now I come to the point for all this and the reason for telling you about Buddy. One of my last trips to Wal-Mart we went walking thru the toy section...wanna guess what I saw?? A GloWorm!! BUT this one didn't look exactly like Buddy. The body was the same, the face was similar, but the hat was different! Instead of the traditional hat, this GloWorm had on a hat which had 2 knots on the sides! (I love these kinds of hats, Josh does not.) Know what else?? I instantly wanted to get it for MiKael!! To make a long story short, I got MiKael the GloWorm last night (yet to be named). This morning when Zander came out of his room he left Buddy behind (knowing nothing of MiKaels "buddy") and promptly ate breakfast. With breakfast over Zander got out of his chair and began to play in the living room and notices the new GloWorm for the first time. Looking confused he wanders over to it and gives it a good hard look, then starts walking in the direction of his bedroom. The closer to his room he gets, the faster he walks! By the time he actually makes it to his room, he's running. He comes out with Buddy in tow and RUNS over to the new GloWorm, grinning from ear to ear. Oh my, how jealous the toddler is when he realizes this new toy is his brothers! (I know, I know...I'm sure he doesn't fully understand it all, but either way he's not happy about it!) All this morning Zander was trying to get at the new GloWorm and take it from MiKael. At least when it was naptime he didn't fuss for the new one, he went and got Buddy and went to sleep. :)

I'm working on getting my ebay stuff up and going. Every time I think I'm ready to just run with it, something happens. My "new" problem now is getting the pictures to look "just right". **sigh** Hopefully this one won't take too long and my auctions will be up and running soon! For those of you who don't know, this is something that I've wanted to do for a while now but it hasn't happened til now. Now I'm almost there and what money I do make from this venture will go to pay off credit card debt!! I'm very excited about that!!

Ah, there goes MiKael. He's hungry again so I best be gettin along for the night. I did have more to post but that can be done later! :)


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