Monday, March 27

2yr. doctor appointment

Well, it's official! At 30 pounds (65th%) and 36 and 1/4 inches tall (90th%), we have a big boy! Now, we knew that this once preemie would grow up to be big and it's coming true so fast! The peditrician was saying that he's certain that Zander will be taller than Josh!He kept commenting on how solid Zander is and how active he is (you should have seen him in the office!! LOL)!!

Also in this big boys future...we're pretty sure that he'll hafta have at least part of his big toe nails removed. They grow funny and are hard to trim and so far (crossing my fingers it wont' ever happen though!!) he's not gotten any ingrown toe nails but it could happen very easily! His toe nails are also very brittle, which just makes the problem worse. So, I've been told to give him foods with gelatin in them. I guess I'll be making lots of jello! (If anyone has any suggestions on other foods that have gelatin that he'd eat...please share!)

The ped. (let's call him Dr.D) took a quick look at MiKael and was happy to see him looking so good! He was pleased with how big he is getting, especially after losing the weight when he had RSV (and in the hospital for 3 days just over a month ago). He's looking good! :)


Blogger Doris said...

Got to love good well checks!

March 28, 2006 1:38 PM  

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