Wednesday, March 29

100 things

Ok, so I know this idea is not new. I have a friend that did this on her blog and she did it because someone else did it...and chances are, they did it cuz someone else did too! I'm going to continue on with this madness and tell you 100 things about me, you can do the same if you are so inspired! :)

1. By this time next week I'll be 27
2. I have been married for 3 years
3. I have 2 kids (ok, that one was obvious)
4. I grew up in small town Kansas
5. I went to college in Missouri for 2 years
6. My major was Early Childhood Education
7. Ironically, now I plan on homeschooling my kids
8. I moved to St. Louis to be closer to a guy (after dating him for just 6mo)
9. I married that guy 3 years later
10. I love to read
11. I love music
12. I miss performing music
13. The double bass is my instrument of choice
14. I have one tattoo, it's a bass clef
15. I want to teach my kids to play the violin and cello (and maybe someday the bass)
16. By the end of my second pregnancy my feet were severely swollen
17. After having my second baby I had to buy new shoes because my foot "grew" a shoe size
18. I like to lift weights
19. I like to do Pilates (in the comfort of my living room!)
20. I try to do Pilates every morning before the kids wake up
21. I don't miss Kansas, but I do miss people from there
22. I do miss St. Louis and people there too
23. Someday I will own a Dodge Ram
24. I want to take a music theory class...or two...
25. I usually like to cook
26. I can quote most of the lines from Legally Blonde
27. I have read all the Harry Potter books that are out to date
28. My brother is also my uncle (you wanna hear that story, don't ya??)
29. I want to get another tattoo
30. Actually, I want to get 2 more tattoos
31. I don't like cats
32. I belong to one "mommy" group online
33. I sell things on ebay to bring in extra cash
34. Gatorade Rain (Berry flavor) is a favorite
35. Green is my favorite color
36. I want to tour Europe (once with an orchestra and once for pleasure)
37. I can sew (but I'd like to be better at it!)
38. I color my hair
39. I started driving when I was 14
40. I am the youngest of 3 kids
41. I like to shop at Old Navy
42. I'm tall and it's hard to find jeans
43. I hate stretch denim
44. When I have a daughter one of her names will be Alethea (Greek for truth)
45. My favorite place to eat out is Penn Station
46. Both of my boys were preemies (32 and 35 weeks)
47. I love the smell of fresh cut grass
48. My first car was an '89 Pontiac Sunbird, my moms neighbor owns the car now (it still runs)
49. When I sold my first car it had 220K miles on it
50. There was a 6mo period when the odometer didn't work
51. When I met my husband my hair was just under shoulder length
52. When I met my husband his hair was about 3 inches past his shoulders
53. Sunflowers are my favorite
54. Shrek is one of my favorite movies
55. I have helped my husband build cabinets and computers, in the same weekend
56. I have caught a rag w/lacquer thinner on fire while cleaning cabinets
57. I don't mind doing laundry
58. I do not iron. Period.
59. As a kid I ate more venison than beef
60. Today I eat more chicken and fish than venison and beef
61. I dislike cardio workouts
62. I have never seen an episode of Survivor...
63. or Lost...
64. or American Idol
65. I bite my nails
66. I tried to breastfeed Zander, I failed
67. I tried to breastfeed MiKael, it's going good
68. My eyes are brown
69. I have a collection of Coca-Cola stuff
70. I prefer to drink Pepsi
71. I also enjoy Mikes hard lemonaide, but my favorite is the berry flavor
72. In college I was late to my New Testament mid-term because I went to see one of the Scream movies
73. I didn't do very good on the mid-term
74. When MiKael was born I had a doula
75. I didn't have any drugs when MiKael was born
76. I arrived at the hospital at 1:38am and he was born at 3:35am
77. Before the kids I was an Asst.Mgr. at JoAnn Fabrics and Crafts
78. I like to have a very specific meal plan for the week
79. This is the year I was born (79)
80. This is the year that my husband was born (80)
81. I enjoy reading books to my boys
82. I don't know where a library is close to the house we just moved into
83. I met Josh online
84. I sometimes spend too much time on the computer
85. I want to spend the summer outside with the boys
86. I want to have a nice tan this summer too
87. I don't know how to swim
88. I do not like to put my face in the water...Zander does
89. I like my nose
90. I like hot tea
91. I am excited to go to St. Louis this summer
92. I am not excited about the drive
93. Going to St.Louis till be MiKaels first "road trip"
94. I subscribe to 5 magazines, 3 are kid related
95. I am easily amused
96. I drive an Explorer
97. This is the year I graduated HS (97)
98. I almost always need to clean my office
99. My husband is my best friend and I love him dearly
100. I want to learn more about photography

Whew!! And there you have it!! Now....go and do the same!! :-P


Blogger Amie said...

we do have alot in common, I can't believe that you came up with 100 things, we had a hard time with 32, but it was alittle different.

I am still bf Ellie and if you need any advice or whatever I am the brestfeeding cheerleader! :)

Blessings, Amie

March 30, 2006 6:05 AM  

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